New Projects for 2021

Southern Policy Centre seeks to address the unique challenges of the central South through independent policy research by creating a neutral space to think.  In 2021 we begin work on a number of exciting new projects:

  • Business and Green Recovery After a year of ‘lockdown’, we now see a different balance between the economy, our environment and our communities. Working with Terence O’Rourke Ltd,  we will explore how businesses across the region see their wider role in contributing to environmental and social objectives.
  • Neurodiversity is the idea that brain differences are normal and SPC aims to understand how young neurodiverse people can access further and higher education.
  • Green Recovery Working with the Green Halo Partnership, Universities of Portsmouth & Southampton and PfSH to shape a fresh approach to economic recovery which balances economic, environmental and societal objectives.
  • Smart South Following on from our work on Re-imaging City Centres we’re exploring how the idea of a ‘smart city’ can work for the central South and how it can benefirt everyone in the region.

Please get in touch if you wish to find out more, participate in, or sponsor any of these projects.