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Our report for the Blagrave Trust outlining practical policy recommendations to address some of the issues facing young people in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton can be read below. People aged 16 to 25 have done most of their growing up in the shadow of the 2008 financial crisis, austerity, and (at the time of writing) nearly three years of Brexit uncertainty. This report into the problems facing young people in Hampshire was commissioned by the Blagrave Trust and carried out by the Southern Policy Centre team, working with a group of local young people as ‘peer researchers’ with direct and recent experience of the issues their contemporaries face. The ethos behind this entire piece of work is that it has been informed, led and shaped by young people’s experiences throughout.

Hope4Housing Film: This is a short film made by young people in Hampshire which sets out some of the issues facing them in housing, and how they would like to see local politicians and policy-makers start to address them.