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Living Well

Living Well Southern Policy Centre has been exploring the health and well-being of communities in the central South: what will allow everyone to enjoy full and active lives. In a series of three seminars hosted jointly with the University of Winchester, we aimed to encourage a wider discussion and debate about our society and how we can secure a better life for all. The first seminar in 2018 discussed how our society’s demographic make-up is changing, with a growing proportion…

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Business, Environment and Society

Doing the right thing: How the central South’s businesses see their environmental and social responsibilities The Southern Policy Centre have been supported by Terence O’Rourke ltd in exploring how businesses in the Central South see their environmental and social responsibilities. This is particularly pertinent as we try to understand how the Covid-19 crisis has changed our society, and how we are responding to major ecological challenges of climate change and the risk of ecosystem collapse. The report was launched on…

Levelling Up

Levelling Up White Paper 2022 An online seminar to discuss the implications of the levelling up white paper on our region was held on 17th March.  We were joined by Akash Paun and Alex Nice from the Institute for Government think tank and over 50 participants from across the region. ‘The white paper is ambitious on devolution’ explained Akash ‘and this is welcome but it remains to be seen how this will be turned into action.’ We were also joined…

Tomorrow’s City Centre

Tomorrow’s City Centre       A project in partnership with Blake Morgan                   On November 20th 2020, Blake Morgan and the Southern Policy Centre launched their research report exploring the future of the central South’s city centres. We were joined by Andrew Carter from the Centre for Cities and over 100 participants from across the region – representing councils, businesses and the community. Our report and the lively discussion at its launch demonstrated there is a real…

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