Poverty: Deprivation in the South

Poverty: Deprivation in the South

Despite its perceived affluence relative to other parts of the UK, pockets of severe multiple deprivation exist across the South Coast region. The 2018 report ‘Making ends meet: The lived experience of poverty in the south’ offers a timely corrective to over-simplistic ideas of an English North-South divide by highlighting the significance of ‘hidden’ deprivation in affluent areas. It also provides some depth and nuance to our understanding of the broader effects of deprivation, which is relevant to the ongoing debate about the ‘left behind’ in Britain and the drivers of social upheaval and political disaffection.

Further reading: People living in nested deprivation are not so much the ‘Left Behind’ as the ‘Never Acknowledged’. A new concept of nested deprivation – deprivation that occurs in a row of flats within neighbourhoods that are otherwise affluent is explored in a paper published by the University of Southampton, supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in partnership with the Southern Policy Centre: ‘Place-based Politics and Nested Deprivation in the U.K.: Beyond Cities-towns, ‘Two Englands’ and the ‘Left Behind’’ published in April 2020 in the Journal of Representative Democracy.

Access a copy of the paper here.

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