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How can the central South benefit from the government’s new devolution plans?

How can the central South benefit from the government’s new devolution plans? Seminar Notes 9th July 2020 Download a copy of the report here. Panel members: Stewart Dunn, Chair, Southern Policy Centre Professor John Denham, Director, Southern Policy Centre Mark Sandford, Senior Research Analyst, House of Commons Library Nick King, Centre for Policy Studies Cllr Vikki Slade, Leader, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council Presentations: Professor John Denham, Director, Southern Policy Centre   A White Paper is expected before the end…

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Recovery in the central South: collaboration for growth

Recovery in the central South: collaboration for growth   In June 2020 following a series of consultative seminars, the Southern Policy Centre (SPC) published a short policy paper on Recovery in the central South: collaboration for growth which sought to identify the key issues facing the central South when lockdown is eased and we move into a new economic environment.  We heard a wealth of evidence of how city and town centres are being re-shaped, innovative steps are being taken…

Tomorrow’s City Centre

Tomorrow’s City Centre A project in partnership with Blake Morgan On November 20th 2020, Blake Morgan and the Southern Policy Centre launched their research report exploring the future of the central South’s city centres. We were joined by Andrew Carter from the Centre for Cities and over 100 participants from across the region – representing councils, businesses and the community. Our report and the lively discussion at its launch demonstrated there is a real appetite for continuing a broad and…

Poverty: Deprivation in the South

Despite its perceived affluence relative to other parts of the UK, pockets of severe multiple deprivation exist across the South Coast region. This research offers a timely corrective to over-simplistic ideas of an English North-South divide by highlighting the significance of ‘hidden’ deprivation in affluent areas. It also provides some depth and nuance to our understanding of the broader effects of deprivation, which is relevant to the ongoing debate about the ‘left behind’ in Britain and the drivers of social…

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Barker Mill Estates

Trauma and change: will we do things differently?

Last month, Simon Eden published this blog in collaboration with Green Halo. In his book “The Language of Cities” Deyan Sudjic, Journalist and Director of London’s Design Museum, suggests that: “It takes trauma to make a complacent city invest in its future”. It’s only when a major crisis – from a loss of a key part of the economy to a natural disaster – shakes a place from the conviction it’s doing OK that real, transformative change can happen. The…

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Making the most of devolution

Making the most of devolution The Southern Policy Centre’s seminar ‘What does the central South want from devolution?’ drew in regional leaders from local government, business, and further and higher education. The presentations and key discussion points are summarised here. With a number of related media stories and government announcements since the seminar, it’s worth looking at how any government plans might help us tackle the wider challenges facing the region and its leaders. As the seminar made clear, formal…

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Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Youth Parliament

Recovery from Covid-19: 24 June 2020 As the nation emerges tentatively from lockdown there are many conversations about what recovery may look like: what may change, what have we learnt from months of enforced isolation and behavioural change? Newspapers are full of articles about our ‘new normal’, the BBC has promoted fresh thinking through its “Rethink” series and SPC has stimulated the local debate with our economic recovery seminars, for example. As we have that national debate it’s important that…

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Briefing Note from the Southern Policy Centre Download a copy here. What next for devolution in central southern England With a new devolution White Paper likely to be published soon, it seems Ministers will make devolution to our larger cities and regions part of their planning for economic recovery. In 2019 the Southern Policy Centre explored whether the central South can be seen as a coherent region, analysing the published plans and strategies of LEPs and local authorities, and asking…

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Can Graduates fuel recovery in the central South?

In a report published earlier this month the Resolution Foundation argued that one consequence of economic recession is the challenge those leaving full time education will face in finding jobs.[i] The ‘lockdown’ in response to the threat of the Covid-19 virus is pushing the UK into one of the deepest recessions we have seen for many years,[ii] and the Foundation suggest that up to 640,000 under 25s could face unemployment. The Institute of Student Employers found that by early May…

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