Open Data

The Southern Policy Centre specialises in research using open data and open data principles

Open data, put simply, is information that has been made publicly available. It can be used by individuals, enterprises, and public organisations to enhance what they do.

Our first major demonstrator project for this principle is our research into why some areas of southern England are not seeing as high levels of participation in university as they should.

See more of our open data work. 

The Southern Policy Centre will be using this publicly available data for research into key policy issues for southern England. But we’ve also been made Open Data Institute Node for Hampshire. This means we’ll be doing more than using open data; we’ll be promoting its use in coordination with the whole ODI global network.

In practical terms this means:

See our ODI Hampshire website for more

The launch of our open data initiative:

What can open data do for you, a video by the ODI, gives a global overview: