Our work

Public policy in the south

Southern England has had little public policy focus despite facing challenges, and opportunities, distinct from both the metropolis and other English regions.


We’ve all heard about plans to give new powers to local authorities in Greater Manchester and other major metropolitan areas in northern England. There is real potential for this region too. The SPC is making the case for it with government and business, alongside regional leaders.

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Health and social care

The SPC researches health and social care in the region, providing analysis to shape policies fit for the future. Our recent report for BBC South suggested a worrying decline in the sector, identifying major challenges for the future. The next step is to find new solutions and to improve collaboration across the region.

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Education and skills

The Southern Policy Centre is working closely with Higher Education institutions, schools, local authorities, employers and Local Enterprise Partnerships to understand key issues in the region. These include addressing gaps in university participation, and producing collaborative new approaches to apprenticeships and skills.

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Innovative forms of public participation

At a time when more people than ever feel that politics doesn’t involve them we need new ways to bring citizens into decision making.

Deliberative polling

Our innovative deliberative polling process helps public organisations engage citizens in a new in depth way, and provides powerful insights into subjects ranging from migration policy to grants budget allocation.

A Citizens Assembly

Community organising

Using data to inform decision making

  • open data workshops
  • HEFCE anonymised data
  • ODI Node