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Blog posts relating to the Southern Policy Centre’s work on innovative forms of public participation

Citizens Assembly: opening up devolution in the south

Solent citizens debate plans for Hampshire devolution, in UK’s first ‘Citizens’ Assembly’ But residents want devolution process to be opened up to the public The Southern Policy Centre helped to organise the first assembly of ordinary residents in southern England to discuss devolution in their area. The assembly pilot was concurrent with a partner assembly in … Continue reading

Arnie Graf Tour

Arnie Graf – lecture and community organising tour – October 2015 At a time when membership, participation and public confidence in traditional party politics are at a low ebb, the Southern Policy Centre has a programme of work to encourage innovative forms of public participation. To date this has involved support for deliberative polling and a pilot constitutional … Continue reading

Citizens decide: grants and commissioning budgets in Southampton

Southampton City Council has established a People’s Panel, made up of residents who are interested in taking part in consultations and other opportunities to express their views on council services, health services and living in the city. On Saturday 4th July 2015 the Southern Policy Centre ran a deliberative polling session with some members of … Continue reading

Immigration in Southampton

Immigration is one of the most topical issues in Southampton. On Saturday 13th December 2014, local citizens attended the Southampton Conversation to discuss immigration policy with fellow citizens and experts. After all, everyone has a view on immigration. What we found was that people’s views changed after becoming better informed and more engaged with the … Continue reading