Seminar and Workshop, Thursday 3rd December: Using data to improve social care

We’d like to invite you to a seminar and workshop exploring how we can use demographic and service user data to plan, manage and improve adult social care. The event will be held on Thursday 3 December and will be conducted on-line.

Recent events have highlighted how important social care is for our society. And yet it is one of our public services facing the greatest pressures: reducing funding, an ageing society and growing demand, and the expectations that service users will receive a more personalised service.

There is no magic bullet which will deal with all these demands. But making effective use of the wealth of data they already hold can help providers understand where the pressures are and how best they can respond, managing day-to-day provision and planning for the future. It can also offer a way of testing new ways of doing things.

Southampton-based data analytics company NquiringMinds have been working in partnership with the Southern Policy Centre, using Government funding, in developing an AI based data tool for forecasting service demand and assessing how best that demand can be met. The tool has been developed with local councils using genuine data on service users to ensure they work in the real world. Our short video, which you can find here, tells you a little more.

Our seminar and workshop will introduce the project and, we hope, stimulate a wider discussion on the role of data in managing adult care. It’s in two parts:

  • A morning seminar running from 9.30-11.00. The session will include speakers from local government who have practical experience of data use to manage these services. We will also hear from Nick Allott of Nquiring Minds, who will demonstrate the data tool, and other speakers will talk about their own experience of how data can help. There will be an opportunity to discuss the issues raised. Key ideas from this seminar will be passed on for discussion at our afternoon workshop
  • An afternoon workshop running from 14.00-16.00 will bring together data experts and practitioners to explore how data can help shape a better future. The format will encourage participants to share ideas on the key challenges they face and explore how they can be addressed with creative use of data

We hope the two sessions will help us find the fertile areas for developing projects and programmes so that we can make best use of data to improve services.

To register for free:

Thursday 3rd December morning seminar 9.30-11.00, register here.

Thursday 3rd December afternoon workshop 14.00-16.00 pm, register here.

These events are open to a wide audience: social care practitioners and providers, and managers, policy-makers and data professionals. Please draw this to the attention of anyone you think may be interested. Anyone with an interest in adult care or new ways of using data is welcome to join us and contribute their ideas.

If you have any questions about the morning seminar contact Simon Eden (, and if you want to contribute to the workshop contact Mark Braggins (