Breakfast seminar on Devolution at PwC, Southampton

On Friday, March 27th we are hosting an event on devolution in the central south at PwC, Southampton.

We currently have a major project examining the prospects of a a coherent strategy for the central south.  There is a growing recognition that the region is losing out as other sub-regions and city regions work increasing effectively together. We have been able to show that, despite the superficial incoherence between different LEP and local authority strategies, there is an underlying powerful and effective case of regional cooperation to attract public and private investment. The work, which has been largely funded by the private sector, was well received at a conference attended by business, local authority, LEP and university leaders in September.

We are now taking forward the work with these and other stakeholders.
As part of this, we plan to hold a breakfast seminar ahead of the Government’s devolution white paper.  We want to explore the options that will be on the government’s agenda, the implications for local authorities, LEPs and for the private sector, and how such bodies might prepare to take full advantage. The audience would draw on leadership figures from across those sectors.